Cathal P. Grant M.D., Sharon Walters, R.N. , Melody A. Hubnik Ph. D. In our opinion practices reverse Discrimination

In our opinion Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas, Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas , Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas. Practices revese Discrimination again men, they assume that the husbands are always at fault in a relationship, they ignore when the problems are cause by a drug and blame it on the husband, they disreguard the husband warnings of increasing agressiveness,and volience caused by the drug Cymbalta (which they are pushing in their practice and they are being paid by Elli Lilly to push) in the wife, they tell the wife to leave the husband when the husband has done nothing wrong, Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas, yells at the husband when he trys to tell her of the problem with the drug Cymbalta, and they practice conflict of interest between her and her friend Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT,of Colleyville, Texas  which is more than a conflict of ethics.