Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Texas In My Opinion this patient has blown the whistle on you on the Web

In my opinion this comment by a patient made publicly on the web should be put in full view, because in my opinion it proves my statement about how Cathal Grant did not tell the truth to the Medical board, shows he does not supervise his nurse practitioners right. I my opinion how can he deliver information, or be in the room when he does not even supervise how much drugs the patients are being given. So here is the statement I experienced reading on the web you can judge for yourself the link is provided below.  Check the web page at:

Cathal P Grant MD In my Opinion once again catches red handed

In my opinion when a doctor such as Cathal Grant lies about informed consent and at attentiveness to any reported side effects of a drug to the Texas Medical Board calming he listened and was there when he was not in my opinion thinks this show the charter and lengths Cathal Grant will go to to cover up his lack of attention and mistakes as a physician, and caregiver. In my experience the actual truth is that every time the attempt was made to tell Cathal Grant or his Nurse practitioner Sharon Walters the effect of the drug on the wife they started yelling HIPPA and flat refused to hear anything about the effect of the drug, this is a long way from the clam of “was attentive” in my opinion Cathal Grant you do not have the command of the English language you need to look the word attentive up because what you did was ignore big difference between these words.  In my opinion and experience the clam you was in the room is false, the truth is you was no where to be found. It is my opinion and experience with Cathal Grant that there was no informed consent, one it takes you being in the room to give information about a drug for there to be informed anything, you are only with your patients less than 12 minutes (most of your complaints on the web is that you only see you patients once, and that is it, you want me to post them here I will)if that then you pawn them off to less experienced and in my experience life threating nurse practitioners such Sharon Walters who could not tell a drug reaction if her life depended on it. It is my experience and opinion that she is not in any way qualified, and is a cold and cruel individual who has a low opinion of men and treats them that way. In my Opinion Texas Medical Board Cathal Grant flat lied to you!