In our opinion the insurance scam of Cathal Grant, why does the Insurance Companies or the State of Texas not investigate him

 You have the right to get the proper amount of time with your doctor to see that you are treated and diagnosed properly, but it has been our experience with, Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas, not only are you short changed,  in our experience you are given improper treatment. The normal intake should be about an hour with each patient (with any other doctor such as Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas), but with Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas you are lucky to get ten minutes, if even that, with Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas it is shove drugs in you hands usually Cymbalta (in our opinion he has been paid $26,676 by Eli Lilly which in our opinion has nothing to do with Education/Advising/Consulting and International Education Programs and everything to do with prescribing Eli Lilly’s Cymbalta product to patients – regardless of whether or not they need it or not. Our interviews with people who have seen him have this common theme) Then he is on to the next patient for the next five minute and more drug pushing, did each patient really need the drug they was given well in five minutes can you really diganose and tell if they do we do not think so. The only reason Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas ever sees a patient again after the first visit is bacause the insurance companies requires him to see them every six months if not for this they would never see him again in our opinon. They even have a code if you do not buy into their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DMS) of voted upon “conditions” or “labels”, it is calledV15.81 Noncompliance with treatment” it means you are mentally ill if you do not go for their treatment which always means Psychotropic drugs, you must admit they covered everything to get you on Psychotropic drugs .

In our opinion proves Cathal Grant and Melody Hubnick’s statements on the effect of SSRI Class Drugs including Cymbalta of “no effect” on Marriages and Relationships to be a lie