In my opinon the lies of Cathal Grant exposed Study: Placebo performs as well as antidepressant drugs in treating depression, and Cathal Grant does not do one medical test before he prescribes you a drug like this, why?

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 The more that researchers truly study the effects of antidepressant drugs on depression patients, the more it becomes painfully obvious that these mind-altering medications are utterly useless. A new study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has revealed that antidepressant drugs work no better than talk therapy, placebo pills, or basically anything else, at relieving depression.Funded in part by the drug industry, the new study follows the same pattern as several other recent studies that, even though they were not intended to do so, actually expose antidepressant drugs as a scam. Though the study’s authors and various commentators were quick to dismiss the findings as not necessarily indicative of the fact that antidepressants provide no medical benefits, any reasonable person looking at the study with an open mind can clearly see that this is, in fact, the case.

In my opinon release Eli Lilly Sued in Dangerous Drug Lawsuit for Cymbalta, what does this tell you about Cathal Grant who prescribes the drug like water

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 Kansas woman is has filed a product liability lawsuit which was allegedly caused by side effects of Cymbalta. Cymbalta is manufactured by Eli Lilly and Co. She developed a dangerous skin reaction, known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Nanci Matos, filed the Cymbalta lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas on January 6.

Matos alleges that she developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome from Cymbalta, a popular antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication.

In my opinon Drugging of America: Greatest Danger of the 21st Century-Legal Drugs. and who benfits a doctor like Cathal Grant who are paid by the drug companies (Cathal Grant has been paid $151,474.00 since 2010) to put you on the drug without a true medical exam, we ask so why has Cathal Grant not been stopped?


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by Jonas Clark

Have you noticed the increase of drug company advertising directly targeting consumers? By 2011 eMarketer predicts the total pharmaceutical advertising spend will grow to a whopping $40 billion a year. Pharmaceutical companies are spending billions of dollars a year to spread the word about drug therapies formulated to treat everything from ingrown toenails and insomnia to high cholesterol and depression. How many billions? Well, by 2011 eMarketer predicts the total pharmaceutical advertising spend will grow to a whopping $40 billion. That’s still three year away, but the evidence of Big Pharma’s plans to drug America is easily discerned by watching just about any channel on television today.

In my opinion Disciplined Docs Reap Drug Company Benefits, so why would you go see Cathal Grant if he does not do a true medical exam before he prescribes a drug to you, and if you do go to see Cathal Grant the odds are great you will be put on a drug.

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In 2010, as state health officials were investigating allegations that Dr. Gerson Sternstein of Berlin was overmedicating patients, three pharmaceutical companies were showering thousands of dollars on the psychiatrist for meals and speaking engagements. Some of the payments continued even after his license was suspended in August 2010.


Similarly, Dr. Murray Wellner of West Hartford was the beneficiary of speaking fees and meals from four drug companies last year, even as federal prosecutors were investigating allegations that he wrote out 11 illegal prescriptions for controlled substances—charges he settled in April by paying a $42,500 fine.

In my opinon a release Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome, we ask if a doctor like Cathal Grant really cares for his patients why does he not tell his patients about this before putting them on this drug, maybe it is because he only wants to take just five minute with you, so he can make more money

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By Christina Lasich, MD,

Using an antidepressant for chronic pain might seem simple enough, but did you know that getting off an antidepressant can be a horrific experience? After comparing the new and the old antidepressants, now we have to talk about getting off them. Some are easier to stop then others. Many are finding out the hard way that Cymbalta is extremely difficult to stop using. Yes, it may be “simple to use” like Eli-Lily says in the packaging material; but some people are getting very sick from trying to discontinue using Cymbalta.


In my opinion the main drug Cathal Grant prescribes is exposed Duloxetine (Cymbalta): to be avoided in all cases, what does this tell you about a doctor who prescribes this medication like candy?

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Despite its unfavourable risk-benefit balance, duloxetine is marketed for a range of indications.

Duloxetine is a psychotropic drug marketed for various conditions (depression, neuralgia, stress urinary incontinence), despite its unfavourable risk-benefit balance.

Cymbalta: FDA Liver Damage Warning Video:

In September 2008, duloxetine was licensed in some countries (and may soon be in France) for a new indication: fibromyalgia. However, clinical trials have shown that duloxetine does not give patients suffering from this condition any tangible or lasting relief.

In my Opinion Physicians on Pharma’s Payroll: Educators or Marketers? Cathal Grant takes money from the Pharma’s Payroll what does this tell you about him and on what ground he prescribes medication without any medical test

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By Ailsa Chang

Most people getting a prescription for a drug don’t ask if their doctor is getting paid to promote that drug. But thousands of physicians all over the country get paid by pharmaceutical companies to speak about brand-name medications. Some have made more than $300,000 in the last 18 months. And at least 1,500 of these speakers are licensed in New York. All these details have just come to light after the investigative news organization ProPublica compiled a database based on disclosures made by seven pharmaceutical companies after federal lawsuits.

In my opinion a release Eli Lilly: Lying is the Best Defense The drug company who pays Cathal Grant (Cathal Grant’s total payment $151,474.00 since 2010 by all drug companies) to give you medication you may not need

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