In my opinion Cathal Grant still accepting money from the drug companies which brings his total to $151,474.00 since 2010, and pushing drugs especially the drug Cymbalta, why would you want to see someone who is in it for the money only and wants to get you hooked on these dangerous anti-depressants that are toxic drugs known for its brutal side effects, violent behavior, suicides, dangerous withdrawals, and have been linked to being responsible for the schools shoots we have seen .

In our experience before thinking about an appointment at Cathal Cathl Grant’s offce in Bedford look the following Video, if you see Cathal Grant,Bedford, Texas, you will get a drug like these if you need them or not, you need to think, is it worth you career, family, or your marrage, because Cathal Grant, Bedford, Texas, has a long history of causing the break up of marriages, and he does not care. our experience is Cathal Grant, Bedford, Texas, is he is a pro drug company doctor, they pay him to push their drugs, and is not a pro patient doctor, Cathal Grant, Bedford, Texas is only interested in hooking you on these drug for the one purpouse and that is to keep you comming back for the drugs, and getting his fee for the office visit.