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Cathal P Grant MD In our opinion using influence and Clout and the Medical Lobby to continue his improper medical care

In ,my opinion Cathal  Grant is using his 29 year career, is being head of several staff hospital, to cover up the now treatment of uncaring bad medical care he is giving his patients. It has been my experience when he ignores the reported side effects of a drug, in not only one, but two cases and then when brought before the Texas Medical board and lying says that he:”listened” when he was not even in the room (and Cathal Grant knows he was not in the room), and there was “informed consent” when again he was not even in the room (and once again Cathal Grant knows he was not in the room), it is very hard to know what happened where, it has been my experience he could not even find a stress test on his computer when it was sent to him, by a doctor who never and in all cases made sure it got there and this case from the first floor to the fifth floor of the same building. He did not even know he nurse practitioner had advise to continue a medication and was saying well since you are off it now, and then recanted his statement when informed other wise. Some patients have remarked as being handled as if being cattle in their comments. Cathal is also call the invisible Cathal Grant referring to how if ever his patients see him. How long is the State of Texas going to let this guy keeping going on. In my opinion is it going to take a death before the Medical board sees through the clout and the bull Cathal Grant is throwing up before they do something about him?

Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Texas In my opinion calls for you to Take Kathy off the Cymbalta have you not caused enough harm

 Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas when are you going to take Kathy off the Cymbalta have you not satisfied you ego enough, have you not done enough harm to both her and her husband, in our opinion you cause their break up, you was the one who told Kathy to leave her husband when you knew it was the medication, and you knew that they had been happily married for 25 years, o yes you did not even bother to check that fact, because  most patients in our experience you did not take the time to, in our opinion you just pooped off a comment “leave him” why not it did not affect you, and you really do not care any ways yo get your money right. In our opinion your medical out of ” do not harm” we guess in Ireland must mean do all the harm you can, because that is what you have done to this couple with out justification, without cause, and in our opinion when questioned by the medical board you lied like you was in the room saying their was informed consent, how can that be when you was no wheres to be found Grant. It has been our experience you spend minutes with a patient make a snap judgment, miss a diagnosis, tell a wife to leave a husband, when you move your patients through like cattle. It is our experience you made no attempt to find out about this marriage you made a snap comment “leave him” and you did not care how it affected anyone, does anyone want to go to a doctor like you, well we hope not, In our opinion yo can be the head of everything, have done this and done that, but when you do something like this to a couple of decent people yo do not deserve patients, you do not deserve to have a practice, you don’t deserve to have a medical license.  It is our opinion when a doctor starts breaking up 25 year marriages without any concern for the two people involved, and makes no effort to find out if the marriage even has a problem or not then you should have new patients stay away from you , because they do not want you to mess their life up, if you will do it one time you will do it again. In our opinion anyone considering seeing you should not! doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman have come out against dicotrs like you and what you are doing to your see the video below:

Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Texas In My Opinion this patient has blown the whistle on you on the Web

In my opinion this comment by a patient made publicly on the web should be put in full view, because in my opinion it proves my statement about how Cathal Grant did not tell the truth to the Medical board, shows he does not supervise his nurse practitioners right. I my opinion how can he deliver information, or be in the room when he does not even supervise how much drugs the patients are being given. So here is the statement I experienced reading on the web you can judge for yourself the link is provided below.  Check the web page at:

Cathal P Grant MD In my Opinion once again catches red handed

In my opinion when a doctor such as Cathal Grant lies about informed consent and at attentiveness to any reported side effects of a drug to the Texas Medical Board calming he listened and was there when he was not in my opinion thinks this show the charter and lengths Cathal Grant will go to to cover up his lack of attention and mistakes as a physician, and caregiver. In my experience the actual truth is that every time the attempt was made to tell Cathal Grant or his Nurse practitioner Sharon Walters the effect of the drug on the wife they started yelling HIPPA and flat refused to hear anything about the effect of the drug, this is a long way from the clam of “was attentive” in my opinion Cathal Grant you do not have the command of the English language you need to look the word attentive up because what you did was ignore big difference between these words.  In my opinion and experience the clam you was in the room is false, the truth is you was no where to be found. It is my opinion and experience with Cathal Grant that there was no informed consent, one it takes you being in the room to give information about a drug for there to be informed anything, you are only with your patients less than 12 minutes (most of your complaints on the web is that you only see you patients once, and that is it, you want me to post them here I will)if that then you pawn them off to less experienced and in my experience life threating nurse practitioners such Sharon Walters who could not tell a drug reaction if her life depended on it. It is my experience and opinion that she is not in any way qualified, and is a cold and cruel individual who has a low opinion of men and treats them that way. In my Opinion Texas Medical Board Cathal Grant flat lied to you!

Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Texas In our Opinion DFW can not aford to have him in this area any more if he does not do the right thing

In our opinion if Dr. Grant does not fix the marriage of this couple, and does not fire Sharon Walters, and start spending more time with his patients. In our opinion the people in the DFW area should ask all the hospitals Dr. Grant is associate with to revoke his access to their hospitals, and his present patients should leave his practice never to return, and tell everyone to stay away from him, and in doing this shut down his practice

Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Texas In our Opinion the unrelenting lack of caring

In our opinion Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas has showed no caring that any physician should in the well being of his patients, he has allowed the husband to be blamed for something he did not do, told the wife to leave him without truly checking into the matter himself with the husband, believeing the comments of a nurse practioner Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas who’s take on the matter was at best fiction. Then refusing to listen to the truth, allowing the nurse practioner Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas to yell at the husband, when the husband was just trying to report the definate reactions of Cymbalta of the wife which resulted in an attck on his person by the wife. In our opinion the ego of Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas in his protecting his “I am right” position by resusing to listing to side effects of Cymbalta that was clearly documented in the drug litature to the point a teenage child could read and understand and relate the wife was in fact having volient problems due to Cymbalta, that Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas refused to also reconise, in our opinion she had made her mind up that she was going to put all the balme on the husband, and not the mothe and drug where in fact the wife had put in her own handwriting in the work book Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas herself had her get. In our opinion Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas refusal to communicate with the husband shows total lack of concern, even though in our opinion the husband nearly had a serious heart problem due to lack of proper montering of Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas, and Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas of the medication Adderall, who they did not tell of after effect and 25 people in Canada had died from use of the drug. After seeing a new doictor the Addrell was on the spot discontinued becaus eof the reaction that was ignored by Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas and Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas.

Cathal Grant MD In My Opinion the statement of a revered area physician on his estimates of Cathal Grant

In my opinion the statement of a leading area physician who in turn believes Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas is in the wrong totally (this physician has know the couple in question most of their married life), he is of the opinion that in view of Dr.  Cathal Grant’s behavior to date that even if told to do so Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas will do what even he can to not do the right thing to bring the couple back together, that he has wrongfully caused to break up their marriage, he does not believe Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas, will do the right thing. it is the impression that this doctor thinks Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas, is not capable of this just action to correct the wrong he and his nurse practitioner Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas , and her friend Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas has done to this marriage, and the fact he did not properly supervise Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas , and allowed her to separate the couple abuse the husband, and believed in my opinion her false statements without investigating the issues at hand.