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Cathal P Grant MD In My Opinion has discovered the dirty bias link between him and the drug companies

 In our opinion no doctor can  be a clean honest unbiased doctor and have any link to drug trials, well we have suspected a link between Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas and the drug companies but until today we did not know where it was now  the dirty bias and  link has been found check the link below:

Radiant Research

It is located near the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas on Greenville Avenue and occupies 4,300 square feet in a dedicated research facility. DFW Airport is 23 miles from the site and Dallas Love Field Airport

In my Opinion Questions answered had other patients commented

Thanks for the comment seems we have mainly readers, we have had one  person comment that we would classify as a very mentally disturbed  person, we could not in good taste allow this type of language, or disturbed mental processes to appear on the blog, clearly there is a responsibility in good taste we must exercise. After this we amended the blog usage policy and we read each post before it appears on line, not something we wanted to do, but there was some very disturbing language and thought processes from this person, clearly in our opinion a straight jacket case. 

Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Texas In my opinion calls for you to Take Kathy off the Cymbalta have you not caused enough harm

 Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas when are you going to take Kathy off the Cymbalta have you not satisfied you ego enough, have you not done enough harm to both her and her husband, in our opinion you cause their break up, you was the one who told Kathy to leave her husband when you knew it was the medication, and you knew that they had been happily married for 25 years, o yes you did not even bother to check that fact, because  most patients in our experience you did not take the time to, in our opinion you just pooped off a comment “leave him” why not it did not affect you, and you really do not care any ways yo get your money right. In our opinion your medical out of ” do not harm” we guess in Ireland must mean do all the harm you can, because that is what you have done to this couple with out justification, without cause, and in our opinion when questioned by the medical board you lied like you was in the room saying their was informed consent, how can that be when you was no wheres to be found Grant. It has been our experience you spend minutes with a patient make a snap judgment, miss a diagnosis, tell a wife to leave a husband, when you move your patients through like cattle. It is our experience you made no attempt to find out about this marriage you made a snap comment “leave him” and you did not care how it affected anyone, does anyone want to go to a doctor like you, well we hope not, In our opinion yo can be the head of everything, have done this and done that, but when you do something like this to a couple of decent people yo do not deserve patients, you do not deserve to have a practice, you don’t deserve to have a medical license.  It is our opinion when a doctor starts breaking up 25 year marriages without any concern for the two people involved, and makes no effort to find out if the marriage even has a problem or not then you should have new patients stay away from you , because they do not want you to mess their life up, if you will do it one time you will do it again. In our opinion anyone considering seeing you should not! doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman have come out against dicotrs like you and what you are doing to your see the video below:

Cymbalta In our opinion this drug Cymbalta should be recalled by the FDA

In our opinion when a drug like Cymbalta is left in the hands of a doctor like Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas patients could be endangered. It is my experience, and therefore my opinion that Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas ignores reported side affects’ symptoms such as the drastically unusual and even violent behavior in a patient on this drug towards their spouse of 25 years. Does Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas investigate the side affects of Cymbalta and prescribe something else? In my experience and opinion the answer is No, instead, Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texasadvises the patient to divorce their supportive, loving husband. It is my opinion that this is not responsible medicine, this is total disregard for a patient’s welfare and his medical practice license should be revoked for the safety of the public. In my opinion this goes especially true for Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas  his nurse practitioner.