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In my opinion the reason Cathal Grant got away with the many charges leveled against him with the State Medical board

 In my opinion we have seen the damage that Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas , and his Nurse practitioners (like Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas ) have done to the public, ruining careers, relationships, children, and stable marriages, we have kept asking why has the State Medical Board of Texas not done something about him well Becky Oliver of Fox Four News Dallas has uncovered why Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas ,and others like him get away with hurting  people in the State of Texas where the medical board is controlled by the Medical industry and Doctors protect other Doctors.

Cathal Grant In My Opinion exposes the payments being made to Cathal Grant by the drug companies to prescribe drugs to you that you do not need

 It is our experience that Dr. Cathal P Grant  MD, Bedford,Texas only spends about five minutes with each patient.  This is not enough time to really evaluate the needs of each patient. A full evaluation time normally is about one hour for each patient in order to have a proper evaluation of a patient’s problems and needs and, if needed, to prescribe a drug, but they each comes out after the five minute session with some kind of drug prescribed.

See the Forbes Article: How Medicalizing Grief Turns Into Dollars

Source Dr. Mercola

Cathal P Grant MD In our Opinion Why He Got Away with lies at the Texas Medical Board

Read these Reports and you will see why in our opinion how a doctor like Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas can continue in his malpractice act and get away with it. Read the attached reports below. Click on the bold text below to view the attached reports.

Source Dr. Mercola

Psychotropic drugs is a story of big money. These drugs fuel a $330-billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure — and now kill an estimated 36,000 people every year, with the death toll still rising.

This is part one of a riveting 10-part documentary containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves.

Cathal P Grant MD In our Opinion Claim before the State Medical Board that does not hold up he lied flat out

In his statement to the Texas Medical Board in the Case of Kathy and her husband he claimed informed consent in our opinion Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas lied for these reasons:

In his book Psychiatric Malpractice James L. Kelly States:

Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Texas In our Opinion the best description of how bad a doctor he is

In their book Your Drug May be your problem by Peter R. Breggin M.D. and David Cohen, Ph. D.

They describe what some medical doctor’s do in our Opinion this is the most perfect description of Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, their description of the doctor’s action is:

“Finally some doctors purposely withhold information about the dangers of drugs for fear that their patients will refuse to take them. Because they believe that the patients need the medication, they prescribe it without providing sufficient information for the patient for to make an independent decision. This unethical and potentially illegal practice is especially common among psychiatrists, many of whom harbor a patronizing attitude toward patients.”

Cathal P Grant MD Bedford Cathal Grant MD Bedford Texas In our Opinion knows the SSRI class of drugs causes Mania and Violehe prescribes them like candy

From the book The Anti Depressant Fact Book by Peter R. Breggin, M.D.


“SSRIs, of which (of which Cymbalta is that class of drug) can cause mania…. It is worth quoting once again from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, IV (1994), when it observes ”symptoms like those seen in a manic episode may also be priests imitated by anti-depression treatments such as medication”.

Dr. Mark Hyman on Antidepressants:

 Watch this video:

Cathal P Grant MD In our Opinion He knows the damage the drugs he is prescribing is doing damage to the love relations of his patients and are the case of the problems but does nothing about them

In the book the anti depressant fact book by Peter R. Breggin , M.D.

He talks about the Class of drug that Cymbalta is an SSRI and how it can ruin Love and Family life he says:

“Love requires a fully functioning brain. From alcohol and marijuana to psychiatric drugs, any psychoactive agent in the long run will dull awareness and disrupt intimacy. All psychiatric drugs can impair sensitivity, empathy,and caring…… Whatever the specific mechanisms,SSRIs make a large portions of people suffer from diminished feelings of love………Partly that’s related to the tendency of all psychoactive agents ti impair judgment. It also results from a specific drug effect: SSRIs tend to cause a loss in sex and in loving intimacy……..I have treated men and women who threw away their marriages and other love relationships under the influence of SSRIs.

In my Opinion Questions answered had other patients commented

Thanks for the comment seems we have mainly readers, we have had one  person comment that we would classify as a very mentally disturbed  person, we could not in good taste allow this type of language, or disturbed mental processes to appear on the blog, clearly there is a responsibility in good taste we must exercise. After this we amended the blog usage policy and we read each post before it appears on line, not something we wanted to do, but there was some very disturbing language and thought processes from this person, clearly in our opinion a straight jacket case. 

Cathal P Grant MD In our opinion all present patients and all patients refereed him should boycott his practice and go to a different doctor

In recent action of a compliant to the the Texas Medical Board, Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas, in our opinion out and out lied to the Texas Medical board in that he claimed he obtained consents for medication prescribed with the indication of possible side effects and claimed he was attentive to any reported side effects. Our experience is that Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas,is lying in that he was never in the room to begin with and was never around to hear any reported side effects, in fact it was hard to remember even what he looked like from the less than twelve minute visit it was the experience he took which other doctor take an hour to really find out what is wrong. It is our experience this visit resulted in a misdiagnosis which had to be discovered by an outside source which Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas, quite quick corrected in his records to cover his behind. In our opinion this is at best malpractice, now we do not see anyone wanting to see a person who cares so little for the people who come to him for help. Then in our experience you are put in the care of a nurse practitioner like Sharon Walters RN Bedford, Texas who does not know what you are having a bad reaction to a drug and another doctor has to discover it, and then she covers her behind also. In our opinion do not put you life in the hands of these people, you might be the unlucky person they finally kill.

Cathal P Grant MD In our opinion using influence and Clout and the Medical Lobby to continue his improper medical care

In ,my opinion Cathal  Grant is using his 29 year career, is being head of several staff hospital, to cover up the now treatment of uncaring bad medical care he is giving his patients. It has been my experience when he ignores the reported side effects of a drug, in not only one, but two cases and then when brought before the Texas Medical board and lying says that he:”listened” when he was not even in the room (and Cathal Grant knows he was not in the room), and there was “informed consent” when again he was not even in the room (and once again Cathal Grant knows he was not in the room), it is very hard to know what happened where, it has been my experience he could not even find a stress test on his computer when it was sent to him, by a doctor who never and in all cases made sure it got there and this case from the first floor to the fifth floor of the same building. He did not even know he nurse practitioner had advise to continue a medication and was saying well since you are off it now, and then recanted his statement when informed other wise. Some patients have remarked as being handled as if being cattle in their comments. Cathal is also call the invisible Cathal Grant referring to how if ever his patients see him. How long is the State of Texas going to let this guy keeping going on. In my opinion is it going to take a death before the Medical board sees through the clout and the bull Cathal Grant is throwing up before they do something about him?