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Sherif Y Hanna MD and Medical Associates of North Texas in Bedford, Texas In Our Opinion Boycott Them

In our opinion you should boycott Medical Associates of North Texas in Bedford until Dr. Sherrif  Hanna decides to correct the marriage he has caused to break up by him not looking into the background, and patient reviews of Cathal Grant before reffering Kathy to him which by Cathal Grant putting Kathy on Cymbalta a drug know to cause personality reversal, and being well informed by Kathy’s husband who because he did noting about the issue was attacked caused injury and a marrage break and divorce. In our opinion Dr. Sherrif  Hanna is to be held responsible for his no action and as one person put it “theives protecting  theives attitude” when he could have stopped this by simply going to Cathal Grant and having Kathy then and now removed from Cymbalta and doing everything in his power to restore the marrage that had never been in trouble to begin with. In our opinion how can he go home at night to his wife Nancy and baby boy and sleep at night knowing his has caused so much missery to such a happy couple and distroyed  the happy 25 year marriage. In my opinion ask would you like to see a doctor who cared for his patients like this, and covers for another doctor like this, how would you feel if you was in Kathy’s husband’s place and hand done nothing to diserve this and Dr. Hanna cared nothing about undoing the harm  he had done to you and  if the roles was reversed and this was done you Dr. Hanna and your wife Nancy, how would you feel, and,would you go to this doctor or practice?

Medical Associates of North Texas in Bedford Texas In our opinion unacceptable behavour of Heather Practice Manager

In our opinion first Heather the Medical Practice Manager of  Medical Associates of North Texas in Bedford tries to manipulate and fails, she then becomes aggressive if you looked into Heather’s thoughts you would read this “I am the world. The world must obey me. I can never be wrong. I know what is to be done and how. All of you must follow what I say without any protest, because I tolerate no dissent. I am the storehouse of all the knowledge and what I do not know is not worth knowing. I am the most intelligent person going around and though I don’t show it clearly, I know that all of you are much lower than me in intelligence. I am the boss.” and that is the way you are treated by her, and she is between you and in this case Sherif Y. Hanna, M.D. making sure her anti man reverse discrimination agenda she has in her mind is met to her standards. It was Kathy’s husband’s experience on Tuesday when this personality as you will called and he stood up for himself, and rightfully so, he had been put through enough because of a mistake made at the medical practice and it has caused him nothing but pain and sorrow,does the practice care no and now he is experiencing more pain at the hands of Heather who he considered a non- caring person who as he described “ in my mind I saw a very miserable lady trying to pass that off on me and I had done nothing to her, but stand up for my rights as a patient for a conflict of interest issue, when I hung up the phone,  in my opinion then I felt she was going to twist the issue to Dr. Hanna the way she wanted it to come out, I did not think she was capable of the honest truth at all after taking to her. I had asked to have a one on one with Dr. Hanna she said she would call and let me know, but she lied to me the call never came”. On Friday his concerns came true as he got a letter from Dr. Hanna dismissing him as a patient here is the issue and the cover up for Cathal Grant:

Cathal P Grant MD In our Opinion Why He Got Away with lies at the Texas Medical Board

Read these Reports and you will see why in our opinion how a doctor like Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford,Texas can continue in his malpractice act and get away with it. Read the attached reports below. Click on the bold text below to view the attached reports.

Source Dr. Mercola

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