Cathal Grant as we have experienced it lack of care and drug pushing all for money practiace is exposed again


In our opinion this recient post says what we have been saying all along, why would anyone risk their life to see a doctor of such low quality and morals as Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas as the story below tells of the pushing of drugs,

  • Am so glad to find out I am not alone in what happened to me.
  • An NP almost killed me trying to wear me down to take anti depressants.
  • Am still at the stage of deciding to do a Medical Board Complaint, lawsuit, or my own website showing graphic pictures of my bodies reaction to their “treatment’ program or lack thereof.

Note: No one gets to visit the psychiatrist Dr. Grant for more than 5 minutes. He lets his NP’s make medical decisions that only a qualified Dr. can make. These NPs are under his license.

See the Forbes Article: How Medicalizing Grief Turns Into Dollars

Source Dr. Mercola

Psychotropic drugs is a story of big money. These drugs fuel a $330-billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure — and now kill an estimated 36,000 people every year, with the death toll still rising.

This is part one of a riveting 10-part documentary containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves.

Read these white papers (click on the titles to open then):

It is our experience you will be put on medication you neither need nor warn, just so Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas can make his quota of sales to the drug companies so he can get his twenty thousand dollars from Elli lily for selling a lot of Cymbalta.

Dr. Mark Hyman on Antidepressants:

This is just discussing, your mental health being traded for Cathal Grant, Bedford Texas geting money, he does not care about your mental  health only about how much drugs he can pump down you so he can get his money for doing that.


This video proves what we are saying in our opinion about Cathal Grant’s medical practice, it also shows how Cathal Grant does not want you to have informed consent in your visit with him , he dose not tell you the truth, as the video below shows:


In our opinion this is not a doctor this is a drug pusher, we need to get rid of from North Texas.



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