In my opinion a question Was the FDA Paying Attention Before Approving Adderall? Cathal Grant does not care about this he will prescribe Adderall to you without telling you the dangers of this drug or making a scientific medical diganosis of your condition, he just wants to get you hooked on this drug.

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San Diego, CA: The typical Adderall lawsuit is one whereby the risks and adverse reactions associated with the drug were not adequately spelled out to a patient who may have experienced Adderall side effects.

Was the FDA Paying Attention Before Approving Adderall?However, there is more to the Adderall portfolio than disgruntled patients who may have gotten more than they bargained for when the drug—a controlled substance—was prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

For some, according to the Abilene Reporter-News (9/25/12), the valued effects of Adderall have prompted misuses that could deliver grievous side effects.

A combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, Adderall has become a popular treatment for ADHD patients who have trouble concentrating, focusing or staying on-task. Adderall targets the neurotransmitters in the brain that control dopamine levels, with the aforementioned combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine serving to elevate dopamine levels.

The benefit for ADHD sufferers is a re-balance of the neurotransmitter located in the frontal cortex of the brain where reasoning, planning, focusing and problem solving are based. The increased dopamine produces mild-to-moderate euphoria, followed by a calming that allows for increased focus.

For Adderall patients correctly prescribed Adderall, there is a basket of side effects which, taken at their potential worst, can include Adderall heart attack, stroke or even death. Then there is aggression, depression, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, fainting and seizures.

Here’s the problem: students have discovered Adderall as a great study aid that is more effective than all-night cramming sessions with a pot of coffee. Students have discovered Adderall in a normal brain not suffering from deficiencies in the executive functions of the frontal cortex can evoke more intense concentration, together with the capacity to work for longer periods with increased focus.

Some parents, according to the New York Times (10/9/12), are actually pursuing Adderall prescriptions for children without ADHD, as a means to help improve their grades in school.

Health advocates conversant with Adderall effects point not only to the adverse reactions possible while actively taking the drug, but the fallout that could occur after coming off Adderall. The Reporter-News notes that post-Adderall reactions can include anxiety, depression, fatigue, hypersomnia, insomnia, paranoia, hyperactivity, irritability or personality changes. Severe withdrawal cases can cause psychosis long after usage.

The San Diego Union-Tribune (9/29/12) reported that Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr., the US Marine fatally wounded by a sheriff’s deputy this past February in California, had been diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall—but had stopped taking his medication and may have been suffering from amphetamine withdrawal at the time of the altercation with the sheriff’s deputy that ultimately led to his death.

Adderall, possession of which without a prescription is deemed illegal in many states, is described as highly addictive. And yet, according to the Reporter-News as many as 20 percent of college students admitted using Adderall at one time or another to aid in their studying or test taking. In this community, Adderall is revered as a ‘cognitive steroid.’

However in spite of its benefits, students or other abusers can experience heart problems, stroke or even Adderall death in extreme cases.

The real truth about the money paid to Cathal Grant by the drug Companies



Notice Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas is paid by Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Cephalon, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer to push their drug in our opinion it is clear what Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas is doing, prescribing drug if you need them or not.


Doctors Paid Big By Drug Companies?

One patient statement about Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas:

“We found out that he gets paid to speak for almost every drug company out there, even if the drugs are competitors. He is out to make the money and it is apparent the way patients are herded through the practice with no regard for the patient’s needs. Beware if he tries to prescribe you a “new” drug on the market, it probably means they are paying him now. “


In our experience Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, does not tell you one big fact that you the patient has and that is Informed Consent, Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, does not discuss this or wants you to know about this, in our experience so he can get you hooked on psychotropic medications so you can do nothing but feed you greed for money, and you do not care at all what you do to the patient’s life.

This video proves what we are saying in our opinion about Cathal Grant’s medical practice, it also shows how Cathal Grant does not want you to have informed consent in your visit with him, and he does not tell you the truth, as the video below shows:






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