In my opinon a mother’s report of children hurt by Cathal Grant and a video that backs up the claim of what Cathal Grant is actually doing and it is a big problem, and this includes adults too

In my opinion has been reporting on Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, non use of accepted no basis in true medical science and cannot be proven by any medical test (with a blood test, x-ray, urine test, biopsy etc.) known in modern medical science today, to evaluate his patients in five minutes and then prescribes a drug, in our opinion you chances of getting a drug from Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, when you see him in five minutes is about 100%, and look below how he has been paid by the drug companies.

Note: No one gets to visit the psychiatrist Dr. Grant for more than 5 minutes. He lets his NP’s make medical decisions that only a qualified Dr. can make. These NPs are under his license.”

A recent report from a patient named Matt said:

 Run don t walk. After being treated years by another doctor I moved to the Bedford location and tried going to Dr. Grant. He immediately changed my medications upon my first visit. I didn’t think very much of this at first however I was afraid of adverse reactions because I had experienced that in the past. However When the new year rolled around and I found that my new prescription was in the neighborhood of $400.00 per month I had an issue that I reported to the office. They truly were not understanding. I just wanted my old prescription and that was unacceptable to them. I kept getting the run around I was going to have to make an appointment and such. Finally they did change my prescription only the dose was changed and it was still for the incorrect medication. I gave up. There is just no dealing with this group believe me I tried for weeks.

This is not all the issues Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, has harmed the actual lives of children as one mother reported:

Both of my now grown children saw Dr. Grant for intensive therapy. The treatments were not effective for them. This mind you, was in the early 1990′s. The medications were not effective and made them sick most of the time. Issues did not improve and as time went by, I could see Dr. Grant simply was not equipped to help my children. Perhaps a referral from Dr. Grant to a Dr. that worked exclusively with children would have been a better thing, but that did not happen. I finally had to just stop all meds and remove them from seeing Dr. Grant. They tell you to get your children help when they are young if they need it and it will help them to learn coping skills. Well, what it did is make the children angrier. One is now a felon and the other a very angry man. They were very young when treatment began and they are now 30 and 31 years of age. They cannot bear to hear Dr. Grant’s name. Too little, too late. I would not ever recommend Dr. Grant to anyone. Please, take your children elsewhere.

Source: Documentary

The following video trailer for a film called Generation RX tell it all:




 Director/Producer:  Kevin P. Miller

Film Website:
Production Company: Common Radius Films
Narrative Director: Rudi C. Loehwing

For decades, drug companies, scores of doctors, psychiatrists, government officials, journalists, and others have extolled the benefits of psychiatric medicines for children. GENERATION RX presents “the rest of the story” and unveils how this era of unprecedented change in Western culture really occurred – and what price has been paid by our society. International award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller (Let Truth Be The Bias, The Promised Land) “delivers a jaw-dropping emotional ride,” and “weaves a terrifying tale of criminal conspiracy, the mass abandonment of medical ethics, and the routine betrayal of an entire generation.”

GENERATION RX investigates collusion between drug companies and their regulatory watchdogs at the FDA and focuses on the powerful stories of real families who followed the advice of their doctors and faced devastating consequences for doing so. GENERATION RX is a film about families who confronted horror and found nowhere to turn for help and how scores of children have been caught in the vortex of mind-bending drugs at the earliest stages of their growth and development. This powerful documentary also questions whether we have forced millions of children onto pharmaceutical drugs for commercial rather than scientific reasons. Ultimately, Generation RX may help parents decide whether the perceived benefits of these medications outweigh the serious risks to children


Not only children but Adults also:

And now the full documentary Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Full Movie:

Run Time: 1:34.43

Does Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, get paid by the drug companies to push their drugs on you, if you need them or not, yes he does look below:

The real truth about the money paid to Cathal Grant by the drug Companies

Notice Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas is paid by Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Cephalon, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer to push their drug in our opinion it is clear what Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas is doing, prescribing drug if you need them or not.

Doctors Paid Big By Drug Companies?

One patient statement about Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas:

“We found out that he gets paid to speak for almost every drug company out there, even if the drugs are competitors. He is out to make the money and it is apparent the way patients are herded through the practice with no regard for the patient’s needs. Beware if he tries to prescribe you a “new” drug on the market, it probably means they are paying him now. “


In our experience Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, does not tell you one big fact that you the patient has and that is Informed Consent, Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, does not discuss this or wants you to know about this, in our experience so he can get you hooked on psychotropic medications so you can do nothing but feed you greed for money, and you do not care at all what you do to the patient’s life.

This video proves what we are saying in our opinion about Cathal Grant’s medical practice, it also shows how Cathal Grant does not want you to have informed consent in your visit with him, and he does not tell you the truth, as the video below shows:


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