In our opinon Cathal Grant would have you addicted to these SSRI class of drugs for his own greed, but Dr.Mercola tells How Antidepressants Affect Your Immune System

Dr. Mark Hyman on Antidepressants:

Source Dr. Mercola

Psychotropic drugs is a story of big money. These drugs fuel a $330-billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure — and now kill an estimated 36,000 people every year, with the death toll still rising.

This is part one of a riveting 10-part documentary containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves.


Source Dr. Mercola

Antidepressant drugs may have an effect on the immune system. Drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft, which belong to a class known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or “SSRIs,” work by making the chemical serotonin remain for longer periods at nerve junctions.

New research indicates that serotonin is also a signaling molecule between immune cells. Dendritic cells pick up serotonin at inflammation sites and pass it along to T cells. This affects T cell growth and division into new cells.

However, when Prozac was introduced at inflammation sites, it blocked this type of serotonin uptake

Dr. Mercola’ comments:

A few months ago, an insightful report in the British Medical Journal argued brilliantly that antidepressants offer no meaningful benefit and emotional problems can be better handled without taking a toxic drug.

Now there’s another health-harming reason to stay away from them. Antidepressants like Prozac don’t just block serotonin when doing so would be helpful; they also block it when doing so will cripple your immune system.

This is yet more evidence you should be avoiding antidepressants altogether, and using safer, healthier optionsthat have nothing at all to do with taking a pill to treat the true cause of your problem:

For serious problems it would be prudent to not treat yourself with EFT and to contact a health care professional who is trained in the technique.  


In our experience Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, does not tell you on big fact that you the patient has and that is Informed Consent, Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, does not discuss this or wants you to know about this, in our experience so he can get you hooked on psychotropic medications so you can do nothing but feed you greed for money, and you do not care at all what you do to the patient’s life.

They even have a code if you do not buy into their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DMS) of voted upon “conditions” or “labels”, it is called “V15.81 Noncompliance with treatment” it means you are mentally ill if you do not go for their treatment which always means Psychotropic drugs, you must admit they covered everything to get you on Psychotropic drugs .

This video proves what we are saying in our opinion about Cathal Grant’s medical practice, it also shows how Cathal Grant does not want you to have informed consent in your visit with him, and he does not tell you the truth, as the video below shows:


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