The following is our recommended book list so you will know what is going on and not be taken advantage for in our opinion from a doctor such as Cathal Grant M.D. in Bedford, Texas who is in it for the money and does not care about you and will keep you on a anti-depressant when you only need to be on it short term, making the drug companies and Cathal Grant M.D. in Bedford, Texas lots of money, read, educate yourself, do not be take advantage of. We especially recomend the books of  Peter R. Breggin, M.D. :

  1. The Anti-Depressant Fact Book by Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
  2. Your Drug May Be Your Problem How and why to stop taking Psychiatric Medications by Peter R. Breggin, M.D. and David Cohen, Ph. D.
  3. Medication Madness The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide, and Crime by Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
  4. America Fooled  The Truth About Anti-depressants, Antipsychotics and How We’ve Been Deceived by Dr. Timothy Scott
  5. Side Effects by Alison Bass   click here to go to her website
  6. Psychiatric Malpractice Stories of Patients, Psychiatrist, and the law by James L. Kelley
  7. How to get off Cymbalta Safely There is hope. There is a Solution by James Harper
  8. Identifying Medical Malpractice by Jack Schroder
  9. The Risks of Prescription Drugs by Donald W. Light
  10. Toxic Psychatry by Peter R. Breggin M.D.
  11. The Risks of Prescription Drugs by Donald W. Light
  12. Our Daily Meds by Melody Petersen Watch her interview here (19:00 min.) on PBS with Bill Moyer.
  13. Above all read the data sheet that came with your medication go to the website of the company that makes the drug and read about the medication you are taking and the reactions you could have, believe it our not your doctor may not know that much about the medication they are prescribing, in our opinion especially if it is Cathal Grant in our opinion he will know nothing about the adverse reactions or the drugs he is prescribing, case in point Cymbalta, or any other SSRI class drug he prescribes and will make no effert to be there when you need him.
  14. I you are being given an anti-depressant first go to Dr Peter R. Breggin, M.D. website at save yourself some heartache first go to his site.
  15. In our opinion stay away from Cathal Grant M.D. in Bedford, Texas, do not let your husband or wife get near him you will regret it, he loves to tell them to leave  you without reason. He is also being paid in our opinion $26,676 by Elli Lilly to push as much Cymbalta on you as he can where you need it or not, he does not care if getting off the drug the side effects are terrable,or you could hurt someone while on the drug or attack someone, he never tell you or you family about this, no he just is a pusher of the drugs. Click here to see the payments made to Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas by the Drug companies.Look at this video: 
  16. In our opinion stay away also from Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, do not let your husband or wife get near her you will regret it, she also loves to tell them to leave  you without reason, she has personal issues she brings into her practice, and is on the drug Addrell a schedule II controlled narcotic substance which does not make her personality stable.




Safe Harbor includes links to find medical doctors (by zip code) who can assist with helping people safely get off of psychiatric drugs and medical personnel who will treat people without the use of psychiatric drugs

Alternative to Meds Center — Residential psychiatric medication withdrawal with medical and naturopathic oversight in Sedona, Arizona

Green Mental Health — Holistically-centered mental health care system which reflects traditional environmental, humanitarian, and health conscious values

The Road Back — How to get off psychiatric drugs safely

Soteria House — Alternative and non-drug solutions for people diagnosed schizophrenic


The Block Center — Find and treat underlying health problems in children and information on how children can safely get off of psychiatric drugs — Informational website on issues surrounding the use of “chemical restraints” on children

The Doris J. Rapp Education Corporation — Vital information on environmental factors affecting health in children and adults

AbleChild — Parents for a label and drug-free education


Mind Freedom International — is a nonprofit organization that works to win human rights and provide alternatives for people labeled with psychiatric disabilities


Whitaker Wellness Institute — Health care for a longer, more active life with a focus on elderly care

Institute for Progressive Medicine — Conventional and complementary therapies

The American College for the Advancement of Medicine — A nonprofit medical society dedicated to improving complementary and alternative medicine


American Academy of Environmental Medicine — Promotes optimum health through prevention and safe and effective treatments

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry — Lead toxicity: What are the physiologic effects of lead exposure?


MedlinePlus — Information on drugs, supplements and herbal information

Psych Drug Dangers — CCHR International’s psychiatric drug side effects search engine includes reported side effects of psychiatric drugs to the US FDA


Medwatch — The FDA safety information and adverse event reporting program

HEALTH OPTIONS & INFORMATION — Independent news on natural health, nutrition and more

Natural Solutions — Natural remedies and healthy solutions

Natural Health Education

Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mark Hyman


Bailey Perrin Bailey — Large civil litigation firm specializing in personal injury litigation

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman — Wrongful death and personal injury lawyers

Vickery Waldner & Mallia LLP — Wrongful death and medical negligence lawyers

Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. — Personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers


THOMAS — Legislative information from the Library of Congress


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