The Texas Board Of Professional Counselors In Our Opinion “Rules” A Lie at the board meeting and their corruption.


Source: CCHR


1. Studies in numerous countries reveal that between 10% and 25% of psychiatrists and psychologists admit to sexually abusing their patients.

2. Germany reported that 50% of registered psychologists and psychotherapists are unacceptable as practitioners because they have more problems than their patients.

3. The so-called ethics system used by psychiatrists has been universally attacked as soft and inadequate.

4. A 1997 Canadian study of psychiatrists revealed that 10% admitted to sexually abusing theirs patients; 80% of those are repeat offenders.

In our experience when at the meeting of  The Texas Board Of Professional Counslelors in which Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas was no billed for un ethical conduct, all the board talked about is that she did not violate “the rules”‘, and that was the reason she was being no billed for her actions, well in the letter of the final ruling it has come to our attention this was one big cover up of the actual truth, not one word was said about “the law”‘, or was the word “law” used in their justification, but the letter uses the phrase “law”. In our opinion this is just another in the long line of cover ups of The Texas Board Of Professional Counselors protecting one of their own, the reading of the investigator, read HIPPA private information in a half-truth manner it makes the person filing the complaint look bad, and the two previous out and out libel statements made by Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas in which she had no documented proof of her statement where not read by the investigator after a freedom of information act was requested for Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas statement and the Attorney General  denied the request sighting a law the Health professional of Texas use to hide behind so they can say anything they want and get away with slander or untrue statements and not get sued for these statements. In this case it made the attorneys for The Texas Board Of Professional Counselors coache the investigators not to read these statements again, but read a half true slander statement half truth HIPPA private information  to do damage to the reputation of the person filing the complaint. In our opinion this is the old thieves protecting thieves game again, the people of the State of Texas does not have any type of safety in a state where a professional is protected by the same board that is to take away the  right to practice. The Texas Board Of Professional Counselors will set back and point to well we have done this and that, but in our opinion this is just a fraction of the professionals  that really should be taken off the street like Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas who breaks up 25 years marriages, has an unethical professional relationship with the Nurse practioner Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas  of Cathal P Grant, Bedford Texas, and does nothing to correct improper medication effects of drugs of Cathal P Grant, Bedford, Texas, because she is getting patients from Cathal P Grant, Bedford, Texas  and Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas is a friend of hers who she has lunch with every Friday, now if this is not a violation of “the law” we do not know what is. In our opinion the public is not safe as long as Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, Sharon D Walters RN, CNS, PMHNP, Bedford, Texas Cathal P Grant, Bedford, Texas and the present The Texas Board of Professional Counselors is active and practing, the public should demand a change. We need to point out one fact here that is very important Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, did not have one document, police report, or any kind of evidence to back up any of her claims, and statements, or fictional “stories” while the other side had full documentation to back up any and all claims against Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas. Since Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, by her own admission Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, has testified in several court cases, in our opinion we think she has pulled the same unfounded statements in her court cases and a review of all her court testomomy needs to be done to see just how much of Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, court statements where just made up in her mind, but she was never questioned on in court, we believe her dislike of men,past problem relationships with men, and the drug Addrell a schedule II controlled narcotic substance she is on which does not make her personality stable, also plays a big part in how the versions of these made up fictional “stories” go.

It was our experience the major reason that Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas was no billed was the abuse of power of the position of the Chair of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Glynda Corley, LPC-S, in that her purpose is to see that the rules was twisted to meet her specific goals that Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas was no billed for a second time, once again the “rules” being used a s an excuse.  It was very apparent that because of a previous Freedom of Information Act request the attorney for the board had advised greatly in the cover up. Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas was present but not allowed to speak before the board to keep her from her slanderous calms, against the person filing the complaint against Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, in the form of written evidence or a police report to back up her third person claim, and this is another fact the claim Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas made previously she had not witnessed herself or had any first person knowledge of (alot of her claims where fabricated with no evidence (written or otherwise) to back it up). In our opinion this just fuels the claim of Melody’s purposely interference in a good marriage, and her making slanderous statements to cover up her wrong doing, by false and untrue testimony previously of a slanderous nature, there was no excuse for this to be previously accepted, something is either true or not, and if it is third person statements you must produce evidence to prove you claims no matter what. The board did not want a repeat of this or the investigator Steve who also repeated her claim so he was conveniently “on vacation”, instead another investigation read previously unheard slanderous unfounded  HIPPA based claim which the board had no right allowing being read which source was again Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas, and once again based on her fictitious ramblings, without written proof of anykind.

The board did not and refused to take into consideration the presented evidence of Melody A Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas about her in our experience unstable personal life of her fifteen years married life then divorcing her husband with two minor children, not being able to be a stable parent without her daughter becoming a cocaine addict (click here to read about it), and her own personal use of prescription speed Adderall,  a schedule II controlled narcotic substance which in another magazine article this drug was described  as a “ a drug with a chemical compound similar to crystal meth” which does not make her personality stable, and  these personal issues and problems she brings into her practice. After all of this the board does all it can to no bill in our opinion someone who has no business being allowed to practice in the State of Texas, and has exhibited the damage she does to the lives of the people she works with.

Look  at why this happens:

Texas Report

Contol of the drug companies in Texas (Texas_Medication_Algorithm_Project_Allen_Jones)

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In my opinion has posted this statement about Melody A. Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas we found on a search of the web, this statement tells what she truly does to women to have them destroy their marriages.

“I am writing this review as a warning to people to never expose yourself, your love ones, or your children to Melody Hubnik. In my experience she has an agenda to destroy careers, good marriages, and families, because of some personal emotional issues that she brings into her practice. I have just confirmed factually that what she did was a calculated and willful act to destroy my marriage. Melody made a verbal statement “that she felt all women should be divorced from their husbands, and out on their own”. The events that have happened to another husband absolutely match my same detailed events, even to include the exact statement my wife made to me, In my opinion this shows Melody’s unethical subversive act to undermine the marriage, and to coach the wife on how to proceed with the separation and divorce, by claiming untrue and totally ridiculous statements and events that never happened, but were introduced through Melody’s supposed “therapy”. I have found a description or label for this; it is “mental and emotional rape”. There is no way to sugar coat the violation of my wife’s mind, in my experience by an emotional disturbed individual that uses her PhD to claim that she is capable of helping people. Instead, she sets out destroys their lives and long term marriage, because of a personal agenda stemming from a very distorted view of marriage, and relationships.”

In “Report and recommendations on the criminal mental health monopoly” by CCHR, Germany reported that 50% of registered Psychologists and Psychotherapists are unacceptable as practitioners because they have more problems than their patients. In my experience Melody Hubnik could be a poster child for this study with her own disturbed emotional condition. This is compounded because she takes the drug Adderall (prescription speed), a Schedule II controlled narcotic substance which does not make her personality stable. In my experience Melody is unacceptable as a practitioner because she has more problems than her patients. Also, the prescription speed she is taking only makes her emotional state worse, and in my experience unstable at best. She also has such a hatred of men because of her own life experiences. She herself is responsible for the decisions and mistakes she has made in her life, but admittedly blames men for her own personal life issues and trauma. In my experience not only should Melody not be in practice, I personally feel she is a danger to everyone who sees her as a patient, especially children. Melody has an office in Colleyville, but it seems she may be doing some work now in Dallas. It is disturbing that she may be spreading her agenda to another city now.

In my opinion would like to point out the mind reformation technique, Melody A. Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas uses on women to make them destroy their marriages by which this comment says is also as we have called it also “mental and emotional rape” It seems that this person has done the same research we have done, but we will also point out the unethical relationship between, Sharon Walters, R.N., Bedford, Texas , nurse practitioner of Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas , a friend she recommends patients to that they have lunch together each Friday, this should not be happening it is a conflict of interest, a practice Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas , should put a stop to , but choses to ignore the seriousness of this unethical relationship, and the recommending of patients to a therapist who has more issues than the people she sees.

In he following video we want to point out that in our experience, Melody A. Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas exercises the same un ethical control as the psychiatrist as told about by the doctor in this video in her efforts to see that all the women that sees her “are divorced from their husbands and out on there own” no matter how much harm it does to the women and their loved ones:


We must not forget in our opinion Melody A. Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas unethical association with Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas who in our experience is paid by the drug companies to prescribe drugs to you if you need them or not.

In our experience, what is really disturbing is that these people can be brought before their respective State Boards and they can lie or go into a Court of law and commit perjury, and neither the State Boards or the Court will ask for any evidence in the form of written documentation, to back up any of their testimony.

Note: in our experience in the below article the effects can be lengthen with the use of drugs like Cymbalta or any SSRI Class drug, In our experience these are the exact techniques that both Melody A. Hubnik, PHD, LPC, LMFT, Colleyville, Texas and Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas use on their patients.


Source: Dr. Mercola


Brainwashing, also called thought reform, is considered by psychologists to fall into the sphere of “social influence.” Social influence refers to all the ways that people can change other people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.


Methods include:


  • The compliance approach, which changes a person’s behavior without being concerned about their beliefs
  • Persuasion, which aims for a change in attitude
  • Education (also called the propaganda method), which tries to cause a change in basic beliefs


Brainwashing combines all of these approaches as a method of changing someone’s way of thinking without that person’s consent and often against their will. It requires the complete isolation and dependency of the subject, so that the brainwasher can control the fulfillment of the basic human needs of the subject, including sleep, food, and bathroom use.


The target’s identity is broken down, and then replaced with another set of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that work in the target’s current environment.


Many experts believe, however, that even under ideal brainwashing conditions the effects of the process are most often short-term, and will eventually dissipate when the new identity ceases to be reinforced.


Dr. Mercola’s Comments:


This interesting piece from the Web site How Stuff Works describes the various forms of brainwashing — from the extreme to the subtle — and how they work or don’t to influence your opinions on all sorts of things.


The most extreme and invasive kind of brainwashing requires the complete isolation and total dependency of the subject. What concerns me here, however, are the more subtle forms of brainwashing that can affect your health in so many ways.


Take, for example, medical students whose opinions may be swayed so subtly that they’re simply more likely to err on the side of useless prescription drugs that have been marketed to them, because they’re easily influenced into believing the newest, greatest and, often, most expensive drug is always the best solution.


Also, if you haven’t read the classic article on our site about Why Americans Will Believe Just About Anything, please go there when you have a chance as it is one of the most widely read articles on our site.


This is why it is so important to have access to a variety of independent news sources that you can trust, so you can begin to start taking control of your health.


This is why I remind you often, taking ownership for your own health by addressing the underlying causes of your problems often produces dynamic results.


On Vital Votes, Elisha from Canyon Country,California adds:




“… people trust whatever their doctor says. Example: I recently had a miscarriage and opted to do everything ‘naturally’. I did, however, go to the emergency room towards the end to make sure everything was ok. It was. Then the doctor before releasing me said she was going to give me a shot and I could be on my way.

“I asked her what it was and she said some long name. Then I had to ask her what it’s for and she said to bring on contractions to ‘finish’ it. She really wasn’t much for giving me information and she was a little annoyed that I had questioned her. In the end she finally told me my body would do it naturally but his would just speed it up. I politely thanked her but said, ‘no thanks’. I don’t think she was use to hearing that.

“My point is that if I hadn’t been learning about these things on my own, I would totally have let her inject me with her poison. The other problem is (as stated by the article) these doctors believe it is for the best. Or at least that is the impression I got from this doctor. She really wanted me to take the shot.”


Other responses to this article can be viewed at Vital Votes, and you can add your own thoughts or vote on comments by first registering at Vital Votes.


Click here to see the other board meeting in our experience Melody Hubnik lied at

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