In my opinion Cathal Grant the doctor and drugs in Medicare Part D a real tale of over prescribing for money

Dr. Cathal P Grant MD, Bedford, Texas, is still accepting money from the drug companies which brings his total to $151,474.00 since 2010, our experience to push the drugs if you need them or not.


Source: Pro Publica


Cathal Grant keeps in our opinion  increasing his wrongful prescribing of drug these patients do not need using a diagnostic method that is voted upon to create these so called conditions and not based on true medical science look at the abuse below:



At A Glance: This Prescriber in 2012

Self-Reported Primary Specialty

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2,631Medicare Part D Prescriptions Filled, Including Refills

Rank: 199 out of 656

$386KTotal Retail Price of All Prescriptions

Rank: 191 out of 656

255Patients Receiving at Least One Drug in Part D
39%Patients 65 Years and Older
44%Subsidized Claims for Low-Income Patients

How Does This Prescriber Compare to Peers?

In the same specialty and state. Caveats »

Drugs That Present Special Risks
Costs of Prescribing
Higher avg 81928cdb0ebe162ff75cf405bfacadd396bf3ec84bc467b6f3e612dd63daa776Average for
this specialty
in Texas
Lower avg 72b1978e1dcc0b845f89d17d692cfff7aeaf8d8bce70310d8bfc535db2daf62a

Schedule Two
Controlled Substances

19% of this provider’s 255 patients filled at least one prescription for a schedule two drug, compared to an average of 3%.

Schedule Three
Controlled Substances

5% of this provider’s 255 patients filled at least one prescription for a schedule three drug, compared to an average of 1%.

Dangerous Drugs to Seniors


Brand Name Drugs

32% of this provider’s prescriptions were for brand-name drugs, compared to an average of 26%.

Prescription Price

$147 was the average price of a prescription from this provider, compared to $147 among peers.

Prescriptions per Patient

10 is the average number of prescriptions (including refills) per patient, compared to an average of 12.

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