In My Opinion Free Speech site was attacked I guess they do not like the truth to be told

It seems like that when you supply the truth as  In my opinion free speech does, and you start exposing the drugs, drug companies, and the people responsible for hurting so many innocent people who among many actions, break up marriages and basically ruinin people’s lives and careers by their actions and drugs they use wrongly, and abusively, that when they are exposed they will go to any means possible to attack the site and take it down, and this is what they did I’m sorry for the absence of In my opinion free speech but we have now put in extra measures so they cannot do this anymore, and we have done some conversions to help the site operate even more efficiently.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the site being down it took a lot to get it back up and running we finally found the cause  and we was able to fix it quickly and efficiently, and we have new safety guards up hopefully to prevent this from happening again, but this just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that were telling the truth and these people do not want the truth be told, exposure like this is something they really do not want and we are providing the exposure stop what we consider in our opinion the fraud and reckless running of peoples lives by the unethical psychiatrist who takes money from the drug companies to prescribed you medicine that you do not need, and the drug companies who’s drugs do great harm, please read what we have on the site, watch the videos, because it will save your life in some cases and your career, your marriage, and help you keep your loved ones from being hurt. There is noting worse than a doctor taking control of you through drugs, because they are being paid to get you addicted to their drug and keep you in the drug, regardless of by doing this your life, marriage, and career is ruined.


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